SpO2 Accuracy - Clarity Sets a New Standard 06 Aug

Remote telemetry patient data is only as good as the quality of the equipment and the data that flows from the device. Oxyhaemoglobin Saturation or SpO2 levels in the blood is an important vital sign that is measured using a pulse oximeter. These devices are attached to the patient’s body, usually to the earlobe, fingertip, or toe. The accuracy of the values from a pulse oximeter will determine the type of data that is sent to the telemetry device, which in turn will affect the analysis of data. Inaccurate signals or values from a pulse oximeter can directly impact patient care and cause false alarms, affecting the decisions made by the medical staff.

Pulse oximeters deployed in a large hospital environment typically suffer from two problems that can cause a low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR):

  1. Patient movement such as involuntary movements during shivers and tremors
  2. Low perfusion levels caused by patient health or improper positioning of the sensor

These problems can cause pulse oximeters to misinterpret the true pulse signal, which in turn results in inaccurate oximetry readings. Since both problems cannot be controlled in a real patient setting, it becomes necessary for the pulse oximeter manufacturer to test and validate data from their pulse oximeters, under all possible conditions.

The engineers at Clarity Medical have designed stringent and well-structured tests that encompass multiple real-world motion artefacts that can negatively impact readings. Clarity uses high-end simulators to replicate hospital scenarios that ensure that nearly every noise-inducing facet can be effectively handled by their device before it is placed in the hands of physicians and hospital staff. This leads to accurate values under all conditions, even in extreme situations.

This extensive testing with real-world scenarios, and a proven track record of accuracy and reliability makes pulse oximeters from Clarity Medical the perfect fit for hospitals and physician offices around the world. Clarity is committed to quality at all levels. The company possesses advance in-house research and development capability to design and manufacture complex hardware and next-generation IoT healthcare systems.