K.C. General Hospital Implements Clarity Solution 31 Oct

Clarity Medical continues to rise to the occasion and help hospitals, doctors, nurses, and care givers, in their efforts to manage and treat COVID-19 patients. Most recently K.C. General Hospital, a 500-bed premier government hospital in the heart of Bengaluru, India, selected Clarity Medical to equip their new COVID-19 ward with Clarity’s MedConnect solution that connects vital sign patient monitors to the software platform that helps physicians and nurses remotely monitor multiple patients from an easy to use interface, accessible through a secure connection using a smart phone, tablet, or a desktop monitor. As part of the solution Clarity delivered 100 of its patient monitors, ETCO2 modules, and a 3-year subscription of its software.


Patients at K.C. General Hospital are now monitored 24x7 and specialists only need to intervene when patient’s critical parameters fall outside the normal limits. With this solution doctors and nurses manage and treat patients without exposing themselves to the deadly virus, and still deliver the best care. In fact, with Clarity’s solution the quality of care goes up because hospitals are now able to handle and manage their capacity in a much more efficient manner. Highly contagious and infectious diseases like the COVID-19 virus pose a serious threat to physicians, nurses, and all the support staff in a hospital. Hence it becomes imperative to have a solution that helps hospital staff do their job without compromising their own health or the quality of care that patients demand. Clarity Medical is glad to assist KC General Hospital in their efforts to treat COVID-19 patients.

While this pandemic continues to wreak havoc on communities across the globe, the staff at Clarity Medical is hard at work innovating and improving its offerings that will enhance the way medical services are delivered in the future.