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Recobro VIGILE

Wearable portable multi parameter patient vital sign monitor with telemetry and remote viewing capabilities. Doctors can view patient vitals in real time on their smartphones. Ideal for quarantine monitoring.


  • World’s smallest wearable patient monitor (6 parameters) with wireless connectivity to other patient monitors/CMS.
  • Real time remote monitoring also avaiable.
  • Wearable Monitor gives freedom of movement.
  • Built-in 2.4″ color display with vital sign values.
  • Hot swappable battery allows uninterrupted monitoring.
  • Wireless transmission enables to monitor anywhere.
  • Design facilitates transit monitoring.
  • Cableless connectivity with 15″ recobro view display or Recobro Tele-ICUTM mobile application.
  • Available parameters ECG, SPo2, NiBP, IBP, TEMP, RESP, ETCO2(mainstream), Invasive cardiac output.
  • Multiple Tele ICU beds can be monitored with a single Recobro Tele-ICUTM mobile application.
  • Operational areas : ICU, Ambulatory and OT.
  • Adult, Pediatric and neonatal application.
  • Expert Advice feature available on Tele-ICU Mobile application enables the doctor to send their opinions.


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