Intensive Continuous Monitoring in the
Comfort of your own Home

Recobro Vigile is a wearable vital sign patient monitor which transmits upto 7 of your vital parameters directly to your medical practitioner. 

Wireless Connectivity for Remote Monitoring over 3G/4G and Bluetooth

Recobro Bunk, our iOS and Android app, is specially designed to handle Real Time ICU grade data transmissions even over slower 3G networks enabling continuous monitoring of your vitals by your medical practitioner.

Compact design for ease of movement

The small footprint of the Recobro Vigile allows for unrestricted movement while its wireless communication capabilities enable continuous monitoring, whatever the location of the patient.

Get instant advice from your medical practitioner

The app incorporates an integrated messaging feature that lets your medical practitioner instantly offer advice or prescriptions. In case of emergencies remote medical practitioner device receives appropriate alerts in real time.