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Doctors all across the globe are facing a new reality. Patients and their physicians are demanding solutions that meet their needs in the CoVID-19 reality, and beyond. Communities realize that many aspects of our lives will never be the same. At the same time better solutions were waiting to be unleashed. The engagement process for providing medical care needed to be flipped, and it has. Clarity Medical now offers solutions for physicians that help both the physician and the patient which are cost- effective and at the same time deliver the best quality of care.


  • • Develop long-term relationship with the community by offering remote medical care solutions
  • • Deliver convenience
  • • Early detection of symptoms in high risk patients
  • • Subscription model available; lowers upfront cost to patients
  • • Provide same quality of care as offered in the clinic
  • • Broaden access to specialists

Why Clarity

  • • Easy and secure access to patient vitals in real time
  • • PROactive and PREventative solution
  • • Automated collection of patient data and predictive reports
  • • Comprehensive patient monitoring in real time
  • • Integrate patient journal with existing infrastructure
  • • Analyze historical data and trends
  • • Leverage Clarity’s Artificial Intelligence models as proactive diagnostic assistant
  • • Subscription model available for patients
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Clarity MedConnect - Integrated Solution

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