Cardio Diagnostics Made Easy With Quality TMT Machines

Get highly accurate diagnostic information you need to help your patients better. Clarity Medical’s TrueST series of cardiac stress test machines use innovative technologies to acquire and transmit low-noise ECG/EKG data to the device. TrueST devices use Bluetooth technology to automatically trigger blood pressure measurements at the end of each stage.

Integrated source consistency filters remove noise and maintain high levels of ECG integrity while ensuring full real-time disclosure, label, storage, printing and review of events. These devices are highly accurate and provide class-leading beat detection, ISO, J, post J point marking and result calculation.

The accompanying treadmill is highly ergonomic and helps patients comfortably complete TMT tests. The device can communicate wirelessly, assisting cardiologists in analysing data through our intuitive GUI with smooth, pixelisation-free waveforms and even showcase historical ECG data for reference.