13 MAY 2023: Clarity Medical in assosiation with PGIMER, Chandigarh organized lectures to impart the knowledge of TIVA, TCI and Closed Loop Anaesthesia Delivery System.


Prof. G.D.Puri (PGIMER,Chandigarh) introduces the art and science of anaesthesia and list the various modes of anaesthesia delivery such as inhalation anaesthesia and TIVA and their impact on medical personnel and the environment. Prof. Puri illustrates the importance of automation in anaestheisa delivery, and how medical professionals can find predictable concentrations of Propofol or other TIVA drugs in general and paediatric models and how to calculate the correct dosage for TCI (Target Controlled Infusion) and CLADS (Closed Loop Anaesthesia Delivery Systems).

Dr. Manish Gupta (Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi) discusses the negative impact of anaesthesic agents on our environment, and how this impacts global weather changes. Learn how some CFC-based anaesthetic agents (Isoflurane) and N2O impact the Ozone layer and how the continued use of these GHGs will impact the earth. He also discusses how Propofol is a better alternative to Isoflurane, and how using Propofol with TIVA can help reduce carbon footprint if disposed of appropriately.


Dr Naveen Paliwal (Dr SN Medical College, Jodhpur) discusses the pros and cons of using TIVA over inhalational anaesthetics - and how TIVA positively impacts patient outcomes. Dr Paliwal explains the benefits of using TIVA for pediatric to geriatric patients, which include reduced OR and environmental pollution, and clear-headed recovery. Additionally, Dr Paliwal discusses the modalities of TIVA drug combinations to maintain adequate BIS using TCI pumps and CLADS and safe OR practices while using TIVA.

Dr. Banashree Mandal (PGIMER, Chandigarh) shares her experience using CLADS at the Advanced Cardiac Center at PGIMER, Chandigarh. She discusses the feasibility of automated TIVA for cardiac surgery and compares CLADS with TIVA to manual anaesthetic administration in different populations, including adult, pediatric, and those with LV dysfunction. Dr. Banashree expressed her views about the commercial availability of CLADS systems, adequate training of OR staff, and training clinicians in human-system interactions while maintaining manual skills for device failure management.


Dr. Morup Tsering (SNM Hospital, Leh-Ladakh) discusses the usage of closed-loop anaesthesia at high altitude locations and its superiority in maintaining accurate drug titration and adequate depth of anaesthesia. Dr. Tsering also demonstrated the haemodynamic variations in using CLADS and Propofol-fentanyl at high altitudes compared to that at low altitudes, along with statistical insights into patient behaviour during anaesthesia.