Reliability—The Key To Success In The World Of Healthcare 15 Jul

In 2011 Jeddah National Hospital (JNH) in Saudi Arabia approached Clarity Medical for Bedside Patient Monitors. They liked Clarity's focus on quality and reliability, which are extremely important parameters for products intended for critical applications such as in-hospital ICU. The equipment delivered by Clarity has been performing flawlessly and the partnership that started in 2011 continues to grow.

In 2020, Jeddah National Hospital again approached Clarity Medical for another order of the updated Spectra Slim Plus and Spectra Smart Plus series of vital sign monitors. This latest order is for the brand new wing of the hospital and we are excited to help and further strengthen our partnership with JNH.  

In the world of healthcare, there is no room for errors. A minor glitch in the system can cost the patient life and permanently damage the reputation of the hospital and the medical equipment manufacturer.

Clarity Medical understands this well. Adhering to the principle of reliability has resulted in multiple robust and flawless product lines. Many years of research and development have gone into building this reputation and repeat orders from customers like JNH only reinforce our belief in our approach, focus on quality and reliability, and further drive us towards excellence.

Stay Safe!