Clarity Successfully Wins Bid to Supply Vital Sign Patient Monitors to the States of Karnataka and Odisha 17 Aug

The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed healthcare facilities the world over. As hospitals, doctors, and care workers struggle to reduce mortality rates, they also risk their own lives as they interact with infected patients several times a day. 

With the number of hospital-acquired infections on the rise amongst healthcare workers, facilities must put systems in place that help their staff to monitor patients at all times safely.

At Clarity Medical, we anticipated and understood this need while developing our OT-ICU grade remote patient monitoring devices and software. With these cutting-edge devices and software, healthcare workers can easily and safely monitor patients from their mobile devices at any time.

When the Governments of Odisha and Karnataka decided to upgrade their district hospitals with modern technology, they were looking for a solution that could fit their exacting telemetry requirements. 

They required a world-class remote patient monitoring system that could assist healthcare workers to safely monitor patients' vital signs and advise ICU staff from a central location without putting other staff members at risk. Clarity Medical’s Spectra Smart+, Spectra Gold, and their accompanying MyTelePatient app fit these exacting requirements perfectly. 

The Government of Odisha chose Spectra Smart+ to solve their remote patient management needs across the entire state. Clarity Medical will supply 1400 units of Spectra Smart+ for all district hospitals across Odisha. Powered by the world-class Spectra Smart+ range of medical devices and doctors across all district hospitals in Odisha will be able to help patients get access to expert medical assistance at all times.

The Government of Karnataka chose Clarity Medical’s Spectra Gold 7 Para patient monitor for upgrading the diagnostic facilities at the COVID ward in the KC Hospital, Bangalore. Clarity Medical will supply 120 units of Spectra Gold devices to the hospital. 

Additionally, the ESI hospital in Bangalore ordered 62 units of Spectra Gold to upgrade the facilities in their COVID ward. Patients in these hospitals will benefit from world-class diagnostic facilities provided by expert medical personnel at all times. 

These setups will also benefit from Clarity’s MyTelePatient mobile app, which will help doctors remotely monitor patients and reduce hospital-acquired infection rates amongst staff. Clarity Medical built this solution with critical OT/ICU use cases in mind. 

Spectra Gold and Spectra Smart+ can display SpO2, ECG, NiBP, temperature, IBP, etco2, and HR accurately, making them the first choice of hospitals across India and globally. 

This allowed them to provide a world-class, true-blue Make in India product chosen over more prominent and established foreign players in the market, including GE and Philips.

Clarity Medical’s commitment to reliability and quality has made them the first choice for critical diagnostic needs worldwide. With a ground-breaking range of products and services that includes remote patient management tools, reliable pulse oximeters, ECG equipment, automated syringe pumps, and many more. Clarity Medical is truly revolutionizing quality healthcare everywhere.