Social distancing—fostering innovations in healthcare 15 Jul



PGIMER (Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research) implements a solution to combat CoVID-19, provide necessary care for CoVID patients and also protect their medical staff from constant exposure to the patients in the isolation ward.


Clarity Medical collaborated with PGIMER to implement a revolutionary cloud-based telemetry platform using Recobro. This innovative solution comprises a networked ICU patient monitor that is connected to a central monitoring system on the hospital network and sends 7 ICU-grade vitals directly to the doctor’s mobile phone.


The platform has helped patients, healthcare workers and doctors at PGIMER to maintain proper social distancing and minimize contact without compromising the care and treatment of CoVID patients. Now that healthcare professionals can monitor their patients remotely, maintaining the required social distancing norms, the solution reduces anxiety, stress levels and fatigue for staff.

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Social distancing—fostering innovations in healthcare

The novel coronavirus is a highly infectious disease that has affected millions of people around the world. With over 11 million infected and more than half a million dead, this disease has swept through entire countries, sparing none in its path.

Medical workers have been at the receiving end of this problem spending countless hours monitoring the vitals of critical patients that are suffering from this highly infectious disease. Although telemedicine has provided some respite to medical workers when it comes to OPD visits, inpatient admissions still require them to constantly expose themselves to the risk of infection as they have to visit isolation wards to take patient vitals. Clarity Medical, an innovative global medical products provider in Mohali, India has come up with a revolutionary cloud-based telemetry platform. This solution helps patients and medical workers to maintain a safe distance from each other unless absolutely necessary. When doctors from the prestigious PGIMER (Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research), one of the largest public research hospitals in India, approached Clarity for a potential solution to be installed at their COVID zone, they were surprised to learn that Clarity Medical had a solution that was available to be installed.

This innovative solution comprises of a networked ICU patient monitor that is connected to a central monitoring system on the hospital network. It sends data to a cloud-based server that then pushes this data to the mobile phones of doctors to verify the patient’s vitals, completely safeguarding them from infections that are caused by repeated visits to the ICU.

Compatible with both Apple and Android phones, this system seamlessly streams blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygen levels and end-tidal carbon dioxide levels at all times. Coupled with CCTV cameras and two-way audio, doctors can ensure that their staff adheres to PPE safety norms at all times. This world-class patient care minimizes risks of infections using a single seamless integrated interface.

Recently installed in multiple isolation wards at the PGIMER, Clarity’s platform has helped patients, healthcare workers and doctors at the PGIMER to maintain proper social distancing and minimizing contact without compromising on quality care. This truly innovative solution has revolutionized the way patients are monitored in a healthcare setup. Clarity Medical is an innovative medical products research and development company based in Mohali, India that has over the years produced many ground-breaking products and solutions.

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