Clarity Medical's Solution Successfully Implemented in Geel, Belgium 03 Dec

Reduced staff counts and overcrowded ICUs are still fresh in our minds as we test a new, world-class mobile patient monitor for use in our nursing wards. Coupled with the Optiflow oxygen device, this patient-wearable, and portable monitor can keep intensive care beds free for critically ill patients and help the nursing staff to ensure world-class standards of healthcare in the hospital at all times. Ziekenhuis Geel is the first regional hospital in Belgium to use these advanced mini-monitors for remote patient monitoring.

Constantly evaluating critically ill patients becomes necessary during times such as the peak of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ensuring that we make informed decisions about who gets a ventilator is as critical as managing patients during a pandemic and an overflowing hospital.


Mobility and reliability – now in one compact, patient wearable unit

Geel Hospital found an innovative solution from India to manage their wards during the pandemic—a device called Recrbro Vigile. Manufactured by Clarity Medical in India, this small, mobile-phone-sized CE-certified device is essential for monitoring patients in non-ICU nursing wards. The monitor meets all European norms and quickly helps healthcare professionals to respond to people with respiratory distress.

According to Luc Janssen—the medical coordinator of this pilot project: “This highly compact monitor is CE certified and portable, making it perfect for use in nursing wards and OPDs. Additionally, the small size and low cost of the device makes it perfect for non-ICU situations.” 

Ziekenhuis Geel is using this device for patients treated with Optiflow nasal cannulas to assist with natural breathing. This makes Recobro Vigile perfect as an intermediate monitoring system for patients prepping for ventilators or post-ventilation therapy recovering patients.

Remote monitoring made easy

Recobro Vigile makes remote monitoring of patients simple, easy, and practical. This device is ready to be worn by patients or for bedside use. It measures blood oxygen saturation constantly through a finger clamp. Additional measurable parameters include EKG, non-invasive blood pressure, invasive blood pressure and CO2. Caregivers can measure vitals through a smartphone that connects to the monitor via Bluetooth. A centralized monitor at the nursing desk shows a consolidated view of all the monitors in use. Compatible with tablets for staff on the move through the hospital, the device also features alarms to facilitate immediate nursing care, just like in an ICU.

Caring for the caregivers

This mobile patient monitor allows nursing staff to evaluate patient parameters without entering high-risk areas. This reduces stress levels amongst the hospital staff, minimizes HAI (hospital-acquired infection) rates, reduces protective clothing costs and reduces time-to-care for critically ill patients.

Dr Janssen added: “It was hard for our nursing staff during the second wave. Most of our nurses had not even recovered from the first wave, causing them to be quarantined after a high-risk contact or infected with COVID-19. With these monitors, we can care for our caregivers as much as they care about our patients.”

Dr Jos Opheide – the medical coordinator of the COVID-19 response team at the Ziekenhuis Geel, said: “We started using these monitors in the middle of the second wave. The pilot project was highly successful, and we will use this system again in the next wave (if any). This monitor can also help other hospitals manage ventilators better to avoid shortages.” 

Aided by Dimpnafonds

Geel Hospital acquired Recobro Vigile due to generous donations from the Dimpna Fund for the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Dimpnafonds is a non-profit organization that supports patients and others in the greater Kempen region. Dimpnafonds has received 45,851 euros in donations through online channels and as bank transfers to help all hospital patients and healthcare providers during the COVID-19 crisis.


Clarity Medical built Recobro Vigile with critical ICU and nursing use cases in mind. Recobro Vigile provides healthcare workers with real-time and highly accurate SpO2, ECG, NiBP, temperature, IBP, etco2 and HR remotely, safely and reliably, making them the first choice of hospitals across India and globally.

Clarity Medical’s commitment to reliability and quality has made them the first choice for critical diagnostic needs worldwide. With a ground-breaking range of products and services that includes remote patient management tools, highly reliable pulse oximeters, ECG equipment, automated syringe pumps and more, Clarity Medical is truly revolutionizing quality healthcare everywhere.