Beware of Imitation CE Certifications 11 Sep

Beware of Imitation CE Certifications

The medical device industry in India has poor supervision and regulatory approaches to provide CE certifications and monitor, what is being sold in the Indian market.  India lacks control when it comes to selling medical devices in the Indian market, unlike FDA in the US, and CE in Europe, which require manufacturers to meet stringent standards.  The Indian market has been flooded with manufacturers who have fake CE mark certifications and positioning themselves in front of buyers and purchasing departments that lack the knowledge and tools to differentiate fake and authentic certificates. The burden of proof also lies on companies with legitimate...


SpO2 Accuracy - Clarity Sets A New Standard 06 Aug

SpO2 Accuracy - Clarity Sets A New Standard

Remote telemetry patient data is only as good as the quality of the equipment and the data flow from the device. Oxyhaemoglobin Saturation or SpO2 levels in the blood is a vital sign that is measured using a pulse oximeter.  These devices are attached to the patient’s body, usually to the earlobe, fingertip, or toe. The accuracy of the values from a pulse oximeter determines the type of data that is sent to the telemetry device, which in turn affects the analysis of data. Inaccurate signals or values from a pulse oximeter can directly impact patient care and cause false...


Reliability—The Key To Success In The World Of Healthcare 15 Jul

Reliability—The Key To Success In The World Of Healthcare

In 2011 Jeddah National Hospital (JNH) in Saudi Arabia approached Clarity Medical for Bedside Patient Monitors. They liked Clarity's focus on quality and reliability, which are extremely important parameters for products intended for critical applications such as in-hospital ICU. The equipment delivered by Clarity has been performing flawlessly and the partnership that started in 2011 continues to grow. In 2020, Jeddah National Hospital again approached Clarity Medical for another order of the updated Spectra Slim Plus and Spectra Smart Plus series of vital sign monitors. This latest order is for the brand new wing of the hospital and we are excited to help and further...